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The AMKE Symposium organizes on Monday, March 1, at 7 pm online
information event entitled “We vaccinate the islands with confidence and knowledge against the Covid-19 pandemic”. Coordinated by the Institute of Public Health (Professor of Pulmonology and Intensive Care Pan. Behrakis, Pulmonologist An.

• Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and its strains – preventive and therapeutic weapons
Majorkinis Gikas – Committee of Experts of the Ministry of Health (Professor of Hygiene & Epidemiology EKPA)
• Actions and organization of EODY in the Aegean islands
Sapounas Spyros – Head of Readiness and Response Directorate of EODY
(Endocrinologist, Diabetologist)
• Children during the pandemic – The role of vaccines in eliminating infections
Dedoukou Xanthi – Pediatric Infectious Diseases Specialist EODY
Vaccination against Covid-19 – where we are today, what the plan is
Themistokleous Marios – General Secretary of Primary Health Care (MD, MSc, PhD Neurosurgeon)

Their own experience for the daily operation in the vaccination center from the point of view of the nurse will be given by volunteer nurses of the AMKE Coalition who work in large hospitals in Athens.

The event is scheduled to last about an hour and will be displayed through the website and social media of AMKE Coalition:

A process of collecting questions in order to answer any critical question and to maximize the information and the trust of the citizens in the vaccination will be carried out through the social media of the AMKE Symposium, to which the interested parties can connect. Particular emphasis will be placed on questions related to the remote and isolated islands, which as small, remote communities have special characteristics and face their own challenges to the covid-19 pandemic. The question collection process will continue until the end of the event, when the last of the selected ones will be submitted to the participants.

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