“Heptapolis-Trilogy, the Vision of Delphi”

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“Heptapolis-Trilogy, the Vision of Delphi”
The official presentation on July 4

On Monday, July 4, 2022, at 11 in the morning, at the Zappeion Megaron will
The first official announcement of the OLYMPUS Association will take place
concerns the emblematic development project “Heptapolis-Trilogy, the Vision of
Delphi “.
The Association “OLYMPUS-World Spiritual Center” founded in 1984 by
185 founding members, had as its statutory principle, the planning and the establishment
of the “Heptapolis-International Green City”, which would be the motivation for the
Greece to become a World Center of Letters, Arts, Sciences and
Over time, with the progressive collaboration of its scientists
Union, two more development cities were added next to Heptapolis,
the “Delphic Earth Amphitheater & amp; Space “that would work in the standards
of Silicon Valley of the USA, with absolute activity dealing with it
Climate change, pollution and the disappearance of its biodiversity
planet Earth, as well as the “City of the Golden Section” which would function as one
center-world Library of the Ancient Greek Secretariat, which will
included all the knowledge of the Greek intellect from
prehistoric years, up to our time and into eternity.
Pavlos Pisanos, founder of the OLYMPUS Association and inspirer of the works
of the Heptapolis-Trilogy, with the voluntary participation of dozens of Greeks but
and foreign scientists, over the years with discretion, with
creative contemplation, with courage and patience, deeply influenced by
Pythagorean analyzes of the Golden Number 1,618, which diligently o
mathematical collaborator Hippocrates Dakoglou analyzed it, he started drawing
and redesigns his vision, Heptapolis, to the perfect fit
of the seven Pythagorean circles, which constituted the Pythagorean
teaching the geometric and arithmetic of the creation of the world.
Heptapolis, according to its inspirer and enlightened scientists
of, hides in its structure “the numbers of the Universe”, which is 7 and
the 1,618.
The main purpose of the current creator of the project is his visitors
future, when they enter Heptapolis they feel that, “they are entering
in the City of Geometry and Arithmetic, Proportion and
Symmetry “, because only these constitute the Knowledge of God.
At the stage of realization of the works of Heptapolis its scientific staff
Association created, in the first phase the necessary Business Plan, which
among others, they handed over to the competent bodies of the current Government.
The Municipal Authority of the Municipality of Delphi, when informed by the Commission
of the OLYMPUS Association for the ambitious building plan of the three
cities in the wider area of ​​the Municipalities of Fokida and Viotia, he suggested to
Pavlos Pisano to build all three cities in its wider area
Municipality of Delphi, in which there are sufficient areas not only for
three cities, but also for infrastructure projects.

A special plane of topographic studies has been mapped in recent months
an area in the neighboring Prefectures of many tens of thousands of acres, while
topographic maps created by its architects were created
Our association in the special design offices that are already being set up, to
begin studies of the projects, under the guidance of its veteran
of architecture Ioannis Vikelas.
Note that, integrated in 3D simulator, its three cities
Trilogy exists, in full description of image and narrative, Greek and
English on the website of our Association: www.heptapolis.com.
OLYMPUS Association completes a cycle of more than 150 courses in
website http://avatar-e-learning.com/, in university standards
particularly supporting learning knowledge in ancient subjects
Greek Secretariat and not only.
It should also be noted that very soon on a new website:
www.heptapolisFineArts.com, the “Marble Book of
Immortal Sponsors and Benefactors “, which will inform about the way
mutual cooperation of the sponsors and the benefactors of the works of the Trilogy.
The Association is in contact with large companies and international funds for
participation of the development program in European and other programs
The large expatriate groups abroad (AHEPA, Rotarians, etc.)
are informed about how to participate in the ambitious development project
of modern Greece, while the executive staffs of the “Trilogy” are preparing
proposals for cooperation and mutual exchanges with the UN, UNESCO
and other major International Institutions, the outcome of which will make them
Delphi Center for Letters, Arts, Sciences and Technology for all
peoples of the Earth.
At ZAPPIO MEGARO, on the 4th of July 2022 at 11 o’clock in the morning, they were invited to
government representatives, journalists and investors to attend,
whose presence will validate the validity of a collective effort

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