Poros (island )


Travel to Tunis In Tunisia in Barbary (sto tounezi sti mparmparia)   Everyone, in Greece, will have heard and above all have danced to the song, in the rhythm of an Aegean island dance, of the Greek popular song composer Vasilis Tsitsanis “Curse the sea”  (Anathema se Thalassa )  https://youtu.be/y2-GfW8uamo?si=bRyGeuewi9OEIiyF  with the refrain “in Tunisia, in Barbary, (sto tounezi sti mparmparia)we got bad weather”. He described the difficulties of the sponge’s fishermen work and especially when they were confronted with the elements of nature, the “bad weather” that wore women in black and left children orphaned. In the past, with […] The post TUNIS first appeared on Discover Greece.

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The protection of the Environment is a priority of the MOVEMENT   The creation of the “Garden of Dorotheos II” in Sifnos marks the beginning of the project of AMKE “MOVEMENT” for the protection of the Environment of the South Aegean. In a moving event that took place in Sifnos, in the courtyard of the Holy Monastery of Panagia Vrysi, the president of AMKE “KINIMA” Katerina Androutsou announced the decision of the Board of AMKE to start the project in Sifnos, to create a unique garden, and presented in a photorealistic version the final form of the Renovation of the […] The post The protection of the Environment is a priority of the MOVEMENT first appeared on Discover Greece.

“Heptapolis-Trilogy, the Vision of Delphi” The official presentation on July 4 On Monday, July 4, 2022, at 11 in the morning, at the Zappeion Megaron will The first official announcement of the OLYMPUS Association will take place concerns the emblematic development project “Heptapolis-Trilogy, the Vision of Delphi “. The Association “OLYMPUS-World Spiritual Center” founded in 1984 by 185 founding members, had as its statutory principle, the planning and the establishment of the “Heptapolis-International Green City”, which would be the motivation for the Greece to become a World Center of Letters, Arts, Sciences and Technology. Over time, with the progressive collaboration […] The post ”Heptapolis-Trilogy, the Vision of Delphi” first appeared on Discover Greece.

The Municipality of Poros invites parents who are interested in enrolling their children in the Kindergarten and in the KDAP of the Municipality of Poros in the new school year 2022-2023, to contact as soon as possible with the heads of the Structures, in order to be informed in detail and individually about the process submit an application and complete the registration. Contact info: Kindergarten: tel. 2298023102, Monday to Friday 11: 00-14: 00, in charge of the Structure Vasili Vassiliki. KDAP: tel. 2298022760, Monday to Friday 17: 00-21: 00, in charge of Domi Bardaka Maria. The post Municipality of Poros first appeared on Discover Greece.

The Municipality of Ieton turns its “gaze” to the new markets, utilizing the news tourism data formed after the easing of restrictions due to pandemic. The cycle of journalistic missions “opened” a few days ago with scheduled visit of the authoritative journalist and influencer Natália Manczyk. With 15 years of experience, the popular blogger writes articles from time to time on Brazil’s top news site Catraca Livre with 53 millions of hits a month, has tens of thousands of instagram friends, loyal readers on the blog and 150,000 friends on Kwai which is the most popular application of Brazil, similar […] The post Ios is approaching Brazil and “investing” in new promotion techniques! first appeared on Discover Greece.

The cruise has been and will continue to be at the top of the international preferences for the homeland with a bright future and more generally in the Eastern Mediterranean, as long as it has huge coastline, but also the Polynesian configuration of the country, while it is the absolutely safe destination, with excellent climatic conditions and of course the unique, traditional, Greek hospitality. Its cruise passengers Millennial age group is the most enthusiastic audience in terms of the intention to repeat a cruise trip, with 87% saying they would cruises again in the coming years, followed by the Gen.X […] The post 626 WORDSGreen Cruise necessitated by climate change first appeared on Discover Greece.

Karpenissi Trail Mountain Running Races… ..and not only! Evritania is known to all for its mountains, rivers and lakes. A field ideal for all mountain sports and even all year round. Skiing in Velouchi in winter, rafting in Trikeriotis in spring, river trekking in the cool waters of the famous gorge “Always It rains “in summer and mountain biking in the fir forests of Helidona in autumn! Ideal destination to enjoy the magic of nature by choosing the sport that Express! Friends of mountain running it’s time to enjoy the Evrytanian land with their own way. An event that came […] The post Karpenissi Trail Mountain Running Races… ..and not only! first appeared on Discover Greece.

658 SMOKING DICTIONARIES WITH BELONISM Smoking is a serious harmful habit that plagues the Public Health of modern society, It is associated with various forms of disease and can be fatal for him the smoker himself but also adversely affect the health of the passive The best way to avoid the negative consequences smoking is not to start it at all, while if he smokes, quit smoking is best to reduce the risk to his health.O risk of developing diseases does not disappear immediately, but decreases with Over time, the more cigarettes you smoke, the more greater are the risks, […] The post 658 SMOKING DICTIONARIES WITH BELONISM first appeared on Discover Greece.

On behalf of the Municipality of Patmos and the Mayor Mr. Lefteris Pente, we enclose a Press Release on the very important issue of the claims of the State in the islands of the Municipality. The Mayor of Patmos will be at your disposal for further direct communication if you wish. PRESS RELEASE The Municipality of Patmos against the unjust claims of property by the State Patmos, March 21, 2022 A major national issue is highlighted by the Municipality of Patmos, which concerns the property status of the islands of Arkia and Marathi. At a critical time when the Arkia […] The post The Municipality of Patmos against the unjust claims of property by the State first appeared on Discover Greece.


Poros is an island in the Saronic Gulf. Its ancient name was Calabria.
It is located a short distance from the Peloponnese coast and the opposite village of Galatas in Trizinia.
It is known, among other things, for the great lemon forest located on the above coast, while it is popular as a place for short getaways from Athens.