At Theocharakis Foundation Spyros Papaloukas

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Spyros Papaloukas, the great innovator of Greek painting, used to say “nature is the miracle of God and art is the miracle of man”, so he diligently served art since 1909, when he first began his studies at the Athens School of Fine Arts until 1956, when he passed away, now Professor of ASKT, at the age of 65.

The design was the core of his painting action. An excellent designer and great painter, although he lived through the turbulent period between the First and Second World Wars and experienced the traumatic experiences of the Civil War in our country, he consciously turned to capturing the peaceful contemplation of life. Landscapes, still lifes and portraits compose the swan song of his creative action.

He was the director of the Municipal Gallery of the Municipality of Athens and at the same time, his hagiographic work is undoubtedly a shining example of the stylistic truth of the Orthodox Church. Papaloukas, with his rich visual work opened a new path, beyond the persistent study and understanding of Byzantine art, contributing directly and dynamically to the progress of Greek art

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