The tribute that the Underwater Museum of Alonissos “travels” to six countries and two continents!

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Around the world he makes an impressive tribute to the underwater museum of Alonissos that has been published in six countries and two continents! Travel editor Maria Atmatzidou undertook the creation of an extensive travel article for Greece’s first underwater museum in Alonissos, which was originally published in the powerful American National Geographic -the-first-underwater-museum-in-greece /.

The article mentally transports the millions of readers of the timeless National Geographic media to the “heart” of the events at a depth of 28 meters, in the enchanting sea of ​​Alonissos. Taking a brief look back, a local hyperactive fisherman was the first to locate the ancient shipwreck in 1985. According to the findings, it is estimated that a large merchant ship, probably Athenian, sank there around 425 BC. and was loaded with thousands of wine amphorae from the ancient cities of Mendi and Peparithos. As the authoritative travel editor points out, one element that makes the monument unique is that the shipwreck is part of the largest natural marine park in Europe, namely the National Marine Park of Alonissos and N. Sporades. In addition, the great addition of the Public Information and Awareness Center in Alonissos Town is mentioned, which allows everyone to navigate the mysterious shipwreck with the help of virtual reality. In a time of pandemic, the article very aptly parallels the shipwreck of Peristera Alonissos with “a glow in the darkness and sadness”, not only because this ambitious project will significantly benefit Alonissos and the wider area, but mainly for the fact that it will be a reference point for new future infrastructure.

The article, which faithfully describes the thrilling experience of visiting Alonissos and the shipwreck, was subsequently translated and republished by five other popular National Geographic publications in their respective markets, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and Brazilian. news of the opening of the first underwater museum in Greece to millions of friends of diving and quality travel worldwide!

“Our goal is for Alonissos to become a model diving destination throughout Greece. The systematic cooperation of the Municipality with journalists of recognized prestige in this direction as with the author of the article Mrs. Maria Atmatzidou, allows us to highlight on a global scale our unique natural and underwater wealth “, said regarding the laudatory tribute the Mayor of Alonissos Mr. Petros Vafinis. It is noted that the configuration of a visitable space in the wreck of Peristera Alonissos is a result of the cooperation of the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities of the Ministry of Culture & Sports, the Region of Thessaly and the Municipality of Alonissos.



Italian National Geographic

Brazilian National Geographic

Portuguese National Geographic

Spanish National Geographic

French National Geographic

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