Hopes for tourist arrivals from… autumn – Which island precedes the bookings

kriti kriti


The first data from the reservations for the Ionian islands show an increasing trend in a not so usual holiday season. The hopes and fears of the people of tourism.
The “goal” of tourism in the Ionian Islands will be included in the “extension” as the first data available to industry representatives show a tendency for an increase in tourists compared to 2019 for September and October.
“This trend, if it prevails, gives a new hope for the Ionian Islands and we hope that it will eliminate the gaps of June and this month,” the president of the Lefkada Hoteliers Association, Manolis Thermos, explains to Sputnik.
“The upward trend for September-October will be fully clarified in June, but it shows that tourists believe in a safer time where the health crisis is over and vaccinations are advanced. “Our goal in any case is to extend the season until the first days of November with good weather as an ally”, points out to Sputnik the mayor of Central Corfu and the Diapontian Islands, Meropi Hydraiou.

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