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With an ally of virtual and digital technology, the Municipality of Ieton has been implementing a rich promotion program lately in European markets adapted to the special conditions! The next “stop” was Romania, a market that before the pandemic had shown impressive rates of increase in traffic in Greece. The Municipality of Ieton managed together with a few Municipalities of the Cyclades to ensure its presence as co-exhibitor of EOT at no cost in the top tourism exhibition of Romania TTR 2021 which this year took place only digitally due to the circumstances. Ios highlighted the quality of its services, the connection with the Ancient Greek epic poet Homer, its incomparable natural beauty and the special forms of tourism in the virtual pavilion of the Cyclades, which was visited by over 200 interested people. It is noted that recently, with the actions of the Tourism Committee of the Municipality and in cooperation with reputable bodies, Ios was distinguished among the most dominant Greek islands for Danish travelers, according to a leading travel medium in Denmark. In addition, in the next period the Municipality will participate in the largest virtual international tourism exhibition in the world, ITB NOW 2021 which will take place from 9 to 12 March 2021 at the digital stand of EOT.

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