Times of London: Athens Considers Opening Borders to Vaccinated British Tourists

vretanoi touristes vretanoi touristes

Athens is studying the possibility of giving the green light to Greek tourists who have been vaccinated to enter Greece, according to the Times of London.

The Greek government expects to boost its tourism industry, which has been hit by the coronavirus pandemic, and as Tourism Minister Haris Theocharis revealed last week in an interview with the BBC, “technical talks between Greek and British officials are under way to verify whether the application of the vaccination certificate will be feasible. I hope that we will be able to reach a solution, at least in terms of technology “. The British newspaper reports that the Greek government is studying plans to allow the arrival of British tourists who can prove that they have been vaccinated in time for Covid-19, but on the other hand is preparing a plan for the timely vaccination of airport and hotel staff. units.

The opening of the borders, the Times notes, may put Greece on a collision course with the EU, which insists on a united approach and with European leaders, who are expected to say it is too early to begin lifting restrictions on unnecessary travel. , as decided at the previous summit in January.

In tomorrow’s teleconference, European leaders will discuss speeding up vaccinations and vaccine approval procedures, as well as ensuring that companies deliver the required quantities, and warn that coronavirus cases remain too high for travel conditions and that “the epidemiological situation remains serious and new variants of the coronavirus pose additional challenges”.

On Monday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed that international travel from England will be banned at least until May 17. The roadmap states that the British government will reassess the situation on April 12 and determine when international flights will resume, but this is not expected to happen before May 17.

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