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The cruise has been and will continue to be at the top of the international preferences for the homeland
with a bright future and more generally in the Eastern Mediterranean, as long as it has
huge coastline, but also the Polynesian configuration of the country, while it is
the absolutely safe destination, with excellent climatic conditions and of course
the unique, traditional, Greek hospitality. Its cruise passengers
Millennial age group is the most enthusiastic audience in terms of
the intention to repeat a cruise trip, with 87% saying they would
cruises again in the coming years, followed by the Gen.X generation,
with 85%, while in 2022 347 cruise ships will always operate internationally
with 420-430 passengers. Cruise ship approaches to Greek ports in
2022 will exceed 700, of which 579 are homeporting, while
remaining transit. It is a fact that about 25% of passengers
Cruise are also future tourists in our country, coming back with
relatives and friends for a multi-day vacation aimed at ideals
destinations for authentic experiences aiming at Full Year Operation in
combined with Egypt, Israel, Cyprus and Turkey. Greece can become the Hub
of the Eastern Mediterranean with large ports home ports (Piraeus, Heraklion,
Corfu, Podos, Katakolo, Lavrio and Thessaloniki) with a goal of 5,000 approaches
new generation cruise ships, 500,000 passengers through Homeporting, 6,500,000
Transit passengers and € 800 million in revenue. They choose Lavrio for the growing one
island hopping trend, while 55% of 2022 cruise arrivals will be
homeporting arrivals, choosing an international port to start and / or end
cruise, with the possibility of boarding and / or disembarking passengers. The birth
allocation as planning the arrivals of cruise ships, imposes the
creation of three destination zones depending on the size of the cruise ships.H
Cruise guides and implements the carbon neutrality strategy
environmental technology practices in accordance with IMO regulations and others
International Organizations for the Improvement of Environmental Conditions with a view to
zero carbon emissions in 2050. Exhaust gas purification systems (EGCS) as
Scrubbers have significantly reduced emissions, especially for
75% of large cruise ships (mega ships), while for New Buildings and
ships other than LNG at 94%. The application of HYBRID technology with
installation of batteries and similar electrical installation is currently the
most suitable for larger cruise ships where it is used
combined Dual Fuel Engines with primary fuel LNG as well as Fuel
Cell System. The program of the World Cruise Organization (CLIA) requires
“NET ZERO” with Decarbonization by 2050 at the latest and predicts a reduction
emissions by 40% by 2030 and by 70% by 2040, while reported in the COP
Arctic Cruise Ships
Antarctica. Required: a) maximization of electric drive installation
(ELECTROFICATION) b) HYBRID TECHNOLOGY in combination with the use of LNG fuel or
alternative fuel uses such as biodesel, methanol, ammonia, and hydrogen
batteries. c) installation of coastal energy support for SHORE supply
POWER in ports. D) installation of advanced wastewater treatment systems
various types ande) automated waste control and recording for
proper management of these. There are 15 ports with full implementation of this
by the end of 2022 will rise to 38, in 2023 to 49 and
in 2025 in 72 ports. Worldwide, also infrastructure with coastal facilities
There are 88 ports with a prospect of service in 79
cruise ships until 2025, while the new constructions are foreseen to serve
91 cruise ships.Europe is oriented to implement in 58 ports the en
due benefits until 2035 for the purpose of ZERO EMISSIONS. Greece as an ideal
destination for cruise ships will have financial benefits, both locally and nationally
better advertising of products and products, greater human employment
potential and development of homeporting, imposing the development of port infrastructure
by improving the air transport network and strengthening their competitiveness
competent services with the upgrade of the National Coordinating Committee
Cruise, looking to the future with optimism and with an obvious positive sign
the soothing development of the Shipyards, upgrading the Greek Shipping

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