Three days with performances… 2019 and an original campaign for the Municipality of Andros!

The new dynamic campaign of the Municipality of Andros in the Metro stations and the city buses of Attica started with auspicious prospects. It was preceded by an exceptional three days of the Holy Spirit with performances that surpassed in some levels even in 2019! According to the data of the Andros Port Authority, the traffic of the three days “reached” the levels of 2019, while it causes the impression that the vehicles increased by 7.79% compared to the three days of the previous tourist season-record!
With the “air” of optimism of the three days, from Tuesday 22 June and for a month Andros will beautify the streets of Athens and many suburbs with an advertisement of impressive dimensions to adorn the backs of buses that run many routes. In this way, two key zones of Attica will be covered, which include areas of the center such as Syntagma, Akadimia and Polygono and which extend to Glyfada, Kifissia, Paleo Faliro, Elliniko and Piraeus. At the same time, a campaign will be “run” for 14 days in the Attica Metro stations. The enriched promotion program for the Greek market is inspired by the diverse tourist “product” of Andros which is full of alternations and contrasts with the slogan “our contrasts are your antidote”, but also by the recent important distinctions that the destination has received in leading media. international scope. With original slogans such as “Little travel secrets, a big hug” and “Leave it all behind, because you will have it all in front of you”, the screening program refers to the distinction of Andros as the best secret island in Europe by the Sunday Times and its rise by the New York Times as one of the 52 authentic places on the planet that the traveler will fall in love with in 2021! “For Andros, the best advertisement still springs from the smiles of the thousands of travelers who left after the festive three days, having in their” luggage “memories of a relaxing, safe and refreshing vacation on the island!” stated with satisfaction and optimism the Deputy Mayor of Tourism of the Municipality of Andros, Nikos Moustakas.

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