Austrian Chancellor Kurtz calls for a consistent EU stance towards Turkey

καγκελάριος Κουρτς καγκελάριος Κουρτς

The need for “a consistent European Union stance towards Turkey, even if there have been signs of easing in the past”, and the reassurance that he would continue to support the suspension of accession talks with Turkey, said Austrian Chancellor Sebastia. Kurtz, shortly before the start of the two-day Summit of the European Union via video conference today at noon.

Speaking in Vienna, the Austrian Chancellor said that in view of Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention for the Protection of Women against Violence and the call for a ban on the Turkish opposition party HDP, there was still a need for a consistent position. from the EU to Ankara.

And this, even if there were previously signs of a relaxation of the situation, said Sebastian Kurtz, referring to the issue of how to deal with Turkey, which is expected to be raised at the Summit, following the alleged compromise messages from Ankara. in the gas dispute in the eastern Mediterranean.

“I will continue to support the suspension of the European Union accession negotiations with Turkey,” said Austrian Chancellor and leader of the People’s Party Sebastian Kurtz, reiterating his long-standing support for a final suspension of accession negotiations. Turkey.

Sebastian Kurtz made clear his position that “Turkey must receive a clear message from the European Union, from which sanctions against Ankara must be imposed”, even before the start of its Summit. EU in Brussels on 10 December 2020.

As the Austrian Chancellor had observed, “there may have been repeated threats of new sanctions against Turkey, but as the situation has not improved, they are now a matter of the European Union’s credibility.”

Sebastian Kurtz had pointed out even then that Austria was still in favor of the arms embargo against Turkey as well as the suspension of the EU-Turkey accession negotiations.


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