Greece is betting on the “golden vein” of American tourists

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Greece is betting on the tourist flow from the USA this year, according to what the General Secretary of the Hellenic Tourism Organization (EOT), Mr. Dimitris Fraggakis, said, speaking at the Posidonia Sea Tourism Forum that took place via video conference on Tuesday (25/5).

It should be noted, of course, that visitors from the US, expatriates and non-expatriates, spend large sums of money and spread value throughout the chain of the hospitality economy. It is reminded that the Americans who visited our country in 2019 were 1.17 million and their average per capita expenditure is 1,008 euros, 78.8% higher than the average of all visitors to the country which is 564 euros.

Regarding receipts, in 2019 travel receipts from the US increased by 14.3% and amounted to 1.18 billion euros.

According to Mr. Fraggakis, EOT has designed and implemented a large campaign for the data of previous years with the aim of strengthening the already strong demand. “We believe that this year there will be more American tourists in Greece than in any other year,” said Mr. Fraggakis, who also stood by the good course of the cruise this year, where the Americans are among the main “customers”.

However, it is indicative that speaking at the official start of the season, the Minister of Tourism, Haris Theocharis, also spoke about the role of the USA and the cruise in shaping this year’s image of tourism.

“Greece is very important for cruise companies. We helped to formulate the protocols. In fact, the protocols have a Greek signature. Our country’s contribution to the resumption of the cruise is recognized. This market par excellence may have an extension in November and beyond, and this is our ally, “said Mr. Theocharis. “In the USA. We have 10 direct flights for the first time and, in fact, another Delta Air Lines flight from New York has been announced, which, in fact, will be maintained in the winter. In Great Britain the will and the appetite for the people to come to our country is great. There are known issues in relation to the categorization of our country, but it is characteristic that travel, flights to specific destinations, did not stop at all during this time. And this shows how much the British tourist wants to come to our country “, he added.

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