Sakellaropoulou: “Many times we felt justified alone”

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Sakellaropoulou: “Many times we felt justified alone” – Merkel: “Relations had some ups and downs”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel went to the Presidential Palace where she was received by the President of the Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou shortly after 10:00.

“I welcome a great politician who has shaped the politics of Germany and Europe for almost two decades,” she said, welcoming the German chancellor to the Presidential Palace. .
“Greece has paid a heavy price,” the President of the Republic stressed during her short address to Chancellor Merkel. “Many times we felt justifiably alone,” Ms. Sakellaropoulou added, while thanking the German chancellor for “maintaining bilateral relations and your pro-European stance,” she said.

In her response, the German Chancellor, after thanking the PD for the reception, noted: “You mentioned our relations that had some ups and downs, but they are based on solid foundations. And I must say that dialogue has always been the key to finding a solution.” “What gave us strength was that we had the feeling that we belong together, Germany and Greece”, Angela Merkel emphasized and added “I think that this should be the basic feeling for the challenges that we will face in the future”.

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