The Municipality of Patmos against the unjust claims of property by the State

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On behalf of the Municipality of Patmos and the Mayor Mr. Lefteris Pente, we enclose a Press Release on the very important issue of the claims of the State in the islands of the Municipality. The Mayor of Patmos will be at your disposal for further direct communication if you wish.


The Municipality of Patmos against the unjust claims of property by the State

Patmos, March 21, 2022
A major national issue is highlighted by the Municipality of Patmos, which concerns the property status of the islands of Arkia and Marathi. At a critical time when the Arkia complex is included in the list of 152 islands, islets and islets whose sovereignty is disputed by Turkey, the Greek State is proceeding with the procedures of claiming and recognizing ownership over real estate located in Patmos and Arkos. Marathi, however, are ancestral properties. In addition, he has filed lawsuits wanting to consolidate the legality of these claims with the indication of an unknown owner. However, a part of these lawsuits are directed against both individuals and the Municipality. “Taking into account the property status as it was formed after Chrysovoulos, the area of ​​the island, the population, and the other parameters concerning Arki (social criteria, adverse conditions, standard of living) this area should be off the map. claims. The contradiction that is created is obvious and the injustice is obvious, as already in 1957 (Law 3800/1957) the Greek State granted full ownership rights to the Municipality on islands near the island of Patmos, as well as islets near Arkia, and then comes More than 50 years old and claims them again. “We are not turning against a specific government, but against the harmful tactics of the State that have been maintained for many years”, explains the Mayor of Patmos, Lefteris Pentes.

In a move of high symbolism but also substance, the residents of Arkia, together, communicated a letter to the Mayor, addressed to the Prime Minister, requesting the cessation of all claims against their properties. The Mayor of Patmos, who has taken the initiative of management for the first time through a strategic plan, emphasizes that “this is an issue of national importance, as the Greek State is essentially claiming the properties of permanent residents on a remote island which is arbitrarily plotted by Turkey! Characteristically, the Greek State claimed an area of ​​800 acres from the Municipality of Patmos, which in order to finally secure, we filed an appeal and won, however, this case cost our Municipality 20,000 euros. In an extremely difficult economic period, we had to spend a significant amount in order to prove the obvious instead of allocating this money for the benefit of the citizens. By the same irrational logic, the Greek State forces the inhabitants of Arkia and Patmos, to be burdened with their own very large expenses, so as not to lose the house in which they live for years. ”

It is noted that the Municipal Authority has already raised the issue in the Property Department of the Ministry of Interior, by providing opinions in the context of parliamentary control following a question by MP Kyriakos Velopoulos, AP 1297 / 5-4-2021. Subsequently, the relevant memoranda on the issue were submitted both before the Minister of State Georgios Gerapetritis AP 5639 / 8-10-2021 and before the Deputy Minister of Interior Stelios Petsas AP 5640 / 8-10-2021. Finally, the issue of property status was clearly raised with the Prime Minister, with memorandum No. 5966 / 25-10-2021 which was submitted before him. Finally, it was requested through a letter from the mayor and it was unanimously accepted by the Regional Union of Municipalities of the South Aegean, to submit a memorandum to the state leadership, requesting the cessation of the procedures of claiming and recognizing ownership over real estate located on the island of Patmos.

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