PRESS RELEASE – Lipsi and Heraklion in the safest destinations in the world according to CNBC!

Island_lipsi Island_lipsi

Excited by the possibilities of the less popular island destinations of Greece, such as Lipsi and Heraklion, says a reputable travel editor of the global news network CNBC in a recent tribute.

In the list of the most interesting proposals to visit safely this year, the first place is occupied by Normandy, in second place is Greece with its “other islands”, followed by central Vietnam, Kagawa in Japan, Dandenogs in Australia , New Mexico, USA and the Caribbean islands of Samba and Agios Efstratios.

In her laudatory report on the Greek islands, the journalist begins with a flashback to the impressive course of Greece, which tripled its traffic in less than twenty years. With five regions of Greece, Crete, South Aegean, Attica, Central Macedonia and Ionia accounting for 88% of tourist arrivals, Greece has many well-established tourist names of international reach. However, then the author of the article, after her research in Municipalities and institutions, focuses on the alternative destinations of Greece and praises the uniqueness of Lipsi from the Dodecanese and Heraklion from the Cyclades that remain authentic, maintain their exoticism and offer holidays away from the crowd.

“Through the crises, new opportunities are born with Lipsi being a shining example. The natural charm of the island of Calypso in combination with the vaccinations and the excellent course without cases throughout this period, continue to be a source of inspiration for the international media around the world “, says the Mayor of Lipsi, Fotis Maggos.

“The Small Cyclades are one of the strong papers of Greece for renewal holidays in a magical natural environment without mass tourism. “The sandy beaches of Heraklion and the legend of Cyclops Polyphemus who” waited “in its impressive caves, create a special and safe vacation proposal”, comments the Deputy Mayor of Naxos and Small Cyclades Vangelis Katsaras.

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