Ignatius complaint – Who wants to close the Open – What he says about Ivan Savvidis


Michalis Ignatiou refers to the owner of Open (Ivan Savvidis) stating:


“As far as I am concerned, the owner of OPEN has never censored me. And he also knows how bad my opinion is of the authoritarian regime in Russia. Whether he is an “agent” or not of Vladimir, is NOT proven by his channel. It is the most independent in Greece, all points of view are projected – there are also positions with which I do not agree and I reacted several times. “But all voices must be heard.”

Ignatiou also refers to “fellow journalists to be happy with the prospect that OPEN will close and dozens of their colleagues, technicians and other staff members, will be unemployed.”
Ignatiou complains: “Some of them persistently provoked foreign media reports which say the well-known things about the owner of OPEN. “They have worked from time to time with the worst bosses and have promoted their illegal interests.”

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