Ios is approaching Brazil and “investing” in new promotion techniques!

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The Municipality of Ieton turns its “gaze” to the new markets, utilizing the news
tourism data formed after the easing of restrictions
due to pandemic.
The cycle of journalistic missions “opened” a few days ago with
scheduled visit of the authoritative journalist and influencer Natália
Manczyk. With 15 years of experience, the popular blogger writes articles from time to time
on Brazil’s top news site Catraca Livre with 53
millions of hits a month, has tens of thousands of instagram friends,
loyal readers on the blog and 150,000 friends on Kwai which is the most popular
application of Brazil, similar to TIK TOK.
The experienced journalist had the opportunity to explore the exotic
beaches, timeless historical monuments, Homer’s Tomb and picturesque
alleys. She experienced the activities and got a satisfactory “taste” from her
local cuisine and the quality of tourist services on the enchanting island
of the Cyclades.
“Ios is changing and evolving and together we are changing and developing the ways
its projection. Municipality and professionals together did the excess despite the
adversity and we became the first island region of Greece with
higher percentage of ferry arrivals for 2021, but particularly
“The forecasts for the upcoming tourist season are also optimistic,” he said
Mayor of Ieton, Gikas Gikas.
The press visit was organized by the Chairman of his Tourism Committee
Municipality, Antonis Mettos and the coordination was undertaken by the President of the Primary School
Of the Council, Ploutonas Koritsiadis. The Municipality is grateful for the valuable support
in this remarkable action the tourism business, Far Out Village for the
accommodation, restaurants To koutouki tou Sainis, Kafenes and Katogi as well as Ios
Rent A Car for car availability.

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