Greece bets on vaccinated tourists

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Greece and Cyprus are seeking the resumption of their tourism as soon as possible, allowing mainly vaccinated tourists to enter the country. “Bilateral agreements have already been launched with Israel and other countries,” the website wrote in response from Athens.

The ARD news website observes: “For a country that lives from tourism, the transmission of the virus or a mutated strain by tourists is of great concern. The solution could be a vaccination certificate. Earlier this month, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis agreed with his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu to create a two-way “Greece-Israel travel corridor”. But this is where the difficulty lies. At a time when more than 3 million people have been vaccinated in Israel, ie ⅓ of the population, in Greece the first dose of the vaccine has been given by 7% and the second by 3% of the population.

However, Nicosia also came to an agreement with Israel, which has similar vaccination rates to Greece. Cyprus and Greece therefore belong to the countries that created them, while the EU is still discussing a vaccination certificate. In the meantime, Greece is planning agreements with other third countries. According to the Ministry of Tourism, the target is an agreement with Britain or even the USA “.
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