Universal vaccination of all islanders

health_Blue Freedom health_Blue Freedom

Meanwhile, on Tuesday (11/05) the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis presented the operation “Blue Freedom”, according to which the full vaccination of all permanent residents of the islands is planned by the end of June.
According to the Prime Minister, “the goal is the universal and complete vaccination of the permanent residents of the islands by the end of June at the latest. That is, our islanders to welcome this summer safe and completely shielded from the coronavirus. It is clear that this program wants to support local island communities and their economy. However, it aspires to offer a positive sign to the overall image of our tourism “.
The company “Blue Freedom”, concerns the universal vaccination of all residents over 18 years old in 19 islands, with the unique vaccine of Johnson & Johnson while the vaccinations in 32 islands have already been completed and in another 36 are completed by the end of May.

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