Despite the lockdown, tourist flows from Israel and Russia continued

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Twelve hotels are currently in operation in Paphos province, according to a spokesman for the Paphos Hoteliers Association, Euripides Loizidis, who said they host Russian and Israeli tourists.

In his statements to KYPE, Mr. Loizidis, referring to the new lockdown, said that we should not see the “tree”, referring to those who have been affected today, but the “forest”, noting that the thoughts of hoteliers are focused on the coming months. , June and July.

The spokesman of the Paphos Hoteliers Association noted that currently the number of hotels that reopens is low, but despite the new universal closure in Cyprus, visitors to the two major markets, Russia and Israel, continued to come to Cyprus.

Mr. Loizidis stated that the hoteliers want the hotel employees to join the vaccination program for the safety of both themselves and the visitors. He estimated that with the opening of the gate for people aged 30, the situation will improve.

He pointed out that the Paphos Hoteliers Association is waiting for the announcements of the following days, on May 7, from the main tourist market of the United Kingdom. On this date, announcements will be made for the categorization of Cyprus by Britain, he added.

Unfortunately, he noted, the situation in the hotel industry is fluid since, as he explained, the British market, which is the largest market, has not opened its papers and PASYXE Paphos does not know how they will handle Cyprus.

Mr. Loizidis stated that if the new cases of COVID-19 disease from the molecular tests (PCR) and the antigen rapid test continue to be high for the population of Cyprus, then mass tourism can not be expected .

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