Galaxidi is located on the northern coast of the Gulf of Corinth, specifically, on the western side of the Gulf of Itea.
It is quite well known for the shipping it had developed in the previous century as well as for its picturesqueness, reasons for which it attracts many visitors.
After a beautiful route in Central Greece between the mountains of Fokida, Galaxidi emerges. Picturesque, stately historical symbol of seafaring, revealed to us with a view of rocky islands and lighthouses. Its two natural ports, Hirolakas and Agora.
The week of Halloween in Galaxidi has a special significance, especially on Clean Monday when the custom of flour smearing takes place. The custom is relatively simple. Residents gather at the harbor at noon on Mondays and are equipped with bags of flour and paint. They then engage in “epic” battles, which last for hours. The custom has its roots in the time of the Byzantine Empire when the clowns of the hippodromes painted their faces. It took its current form during the era of sailing ships, i.e. from 1840 onwards, when this celebration took on large dimensions since it was the last and farewell before the departure of the sailors.