Despite the pandemic, the brand name of Athens was strengthened in 2020

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Athens, as a destination, continues to charm its visitors even in this unprecedented era of the pandemic, as shown by the research of the Athens-Attica and Argosaronikos Hotel Owners Association (EXA-AA) and GBR Consulting for the satisfaction of the tourists who came in 2020.

However, the pandemic is shaping new trends and new travel desires, so Athens must adapt to the new era and highlight its other aspects, which are little or not known to tourists, such as Attica, with its beaches and islands, also offers the possibility of “sun and sea” holidays.

It is no coincidence that of the foreign tourists surveyed in the EXA-AA survey, 77% said that there are other things they want to see in Athens and not only those that are primarily related to its culture. Obviously, it is necessary to analyze what are these “other things” that tourists want to know and emerge for use, in order to cause demand.

The President of the Union, Mrs. Lamprini Karanasiu Zulovic, stated that it is not widely known to tourists that they can be in a few minutes on the islands of the Saronic Gulf or the beaches of Attica, that there are wonderful wineries and other things that tourists can enjoy.

Ms Zulovic said:

“It is necessary to study very carefully all the new data and data that emerge, not only from the research of EXA-AA but also from all the research conducted by the tourism institutions during the covid pandemic period with objectivity, as to compose their conclusions and take into account the real picture, which will determine any moves, choices and strategic decisions for the future.

All institutions must work hard and with optimism despite the adverse conditions with a new vision: A new Greece and a new Athens, which will “emerge” in the eyes of our visitors. And we should work together for this, starting from yesterday and today, for this summer but also for the “next day” in Athenian, Greek and international Tourism “.

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